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I´m Christopher Sexton,

your Fort Collins based sales agent for IP5280, a local Colorado company. Although I provide business phone and internet solutions throughout the state of Colorado, I reside in Fort Collins. Let me show you how you can save money on your phone services. Small and medium sized businesses see immediate cost savings with an integrated phone and internet solution. Very simply your phone calls go over the Internet without any additional costs for long distance calls and with high definition digital clarity. I specialize in bringing voice and data solutions for businesses in Fort Collins, Colorado. IP-based telephone systems offer numerous cost benefits and advanced features to help your business stay competitive. Today, your phone system must be flexible, scalable and integrate with common business tools like email and cell phones. I provide unparalleled customer service with proven technology solutions.

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720.289.2242 or contact me via email.

News of Note:

IP5280 was recently selected as one of the best places to work in Colorado.